this is very terrible about my computer
my computer is broken~~~~
it can not use internet and USB
I get  great headache for my computer
I use the computer in nursing station but i can not type chinese
I want to cry~~~woo
I have many interesting stories about palau life
but i do not know how to write them by English
today is the eve of chinese new year
I feel sentimental suddenly
I miss Taiwan and my families and friends
so we do somethings for celebrate chinese new year
we teach  palauan to speak chinese
like <kong shi fa tsa hong bao na la>
it is very funny
tonight many Taiwanese in palau have dinner in our embassador'home
and draw lots in a lottery
I hope i can get airplane ticket
we plan to sing songs all night and paly cards
because according our tradition~~sleepless all night
although I am not in Taiwan
but I keep this tradition
happy chinese new year for my special overseas new year
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  • 敬原 Frank
  • 哇!! 楊小芬在用英文寫文章耶..  <br />跟我之前認識的那個人完全不一樣,<br />在短短的時間裡妳學會浮淺,英文也進步了!!<br />『帛琉』真的是一個可敬的地方 ..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />