in eve of chinese new year
I had dinner with Taiwanese in embassador's home
It was very scared about kiwi <my embassador's dog>
so I couldn't enjoy my dinner
I got a tie in drawing lottery ,but my God!!!!it is very very flower....
when embassador gave red envelopes to kids
I catched the line and got a red envelope <10 dollars>
haha!!I think I am still a kid because I am not married.....
in first chinese new year
It was very bored and I was very sentimental
I selpt very late and my mood was very low
I missed everything how to celebrate new year in Taiwan
we had Japanese lunch and Korean dinner
woo~~it was strange ...why didn't we eat Chinese food???
this is my Chinsese new year
at night we went PRR<palau Royal Resort>and used internet
I talked to friends in MSN
what a terrible day!
in second Chinese new year
we went around and shopping
I bought two turtle rings and Markus bought a necklace a bracelet an earring
I spent 10 dollars ,Markus spent 65 dollars
Markus more liked  shopping than me
the sale lady said it was our new year
so she had discount for us
in the evening we and our friends <8 people>sang songs in KTV
the KTV has new songs and original MV and it is very cheap
we sang about 6 hours ,we spent 52 dollars
we sang interesting songs ,for example very old Taiwanese songs
we danced and laughed ,It was very great time
in thrid Chinese new year
we went to waterfall ,there were  6 people in a car
a guy who assisant technician of Taiwan technical mission  talked cold jokes 
Sian is a funny and strange guy
the waterfall has a good view
but priority you have to go hiking and go water's road
it spent 40 is easy to Markus and I
because we go gymnasium everyday
but the others walked hardly ~haha
when we arrived waterfall , guys enjoyed the natural SPA
and we played a game <balck and white direction>
if you lost the game ,everybody splash you  
it was very exciting and funny....
tonight we had dinner in rock island cofe<femous and delicious>
we played cards<big two>until the restaurant closed the door
I lost money 5 dollars...woo
in fourth Chinese new year
it was a bad weather,it was rainy
but It was not bad because I could avoid suntan
we rode speedboat with lakemark's family <rich family>
haha ~free charge
although the weather was bad ,we couldn't ride too far ocean
but I felt riding wave ,wind,ocean directly...
we went milk lake, shark island, jellyfish lake, clam city...
we stayed an island and had special lunch
because everybody stay in an island just eat meal box or fired meat
but we used dishes of glass and had sandwich,salad, cool
we played sand with kids in the beach
made deep hole ,tree ,car.....they are very cute
we had hot pot dinner with our friends of PRR at home  
we played cards again,I lost 2 dollars again..
so total Jim<manager of PRR> lost 11 dollars
Sian was blance
I lost 7 dollars
Markus win everybody's money
woo...........never mind ...
next time I will win money 
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